BinMonitorâ„¢- Wireless Sensor for Contents Fill Level Monitoring

BinMonitor sensors are stand alone 10 Year battery powered sensors that allow monitoring the level or amount of fill of various containers and bins, trash cans, trash compactors and more industrial and general purpose monitoring. They are ideal for real time monitoring and automation of collection schedules, optimizing routes for pickup, preventing overfill, accidents and much more. There are various combinations of end sensor monitoring with single or multi function and supported communication protocols to suit a variety of needs and scenarios.
In addition, the sensors monitor temperature, and additional monitoring like humidity can be added to the sensor for a combined monitoring of several parameters.

Communication options for the sensor include:

  • Cellular network 2/3/4G/LTE
  • Satellite - Globalstar
  • Satellite - Iridium
  • 915/868 MHz ISM Band Wi-Fi
  • Mesh network

How do they work

Each sensor monitors the container, and reports data at scheduled intervals daily, or hourly as needed. The sensor can communicate either via global communication network (Cellular/Satellite) or with the PalOne mesh via wireless protocol in the ISM band, for long distances.


BinMonitor Sensor Monitoring
BinMonitor Sensor Monitoring

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