Telemetry, Automation and Management for a Connected World

Easily and securely connect and monitor your assets from anywhere. Use device-to-cloud telemetry data to understand the state of your devices and assets, and be ready to take action when a device or environment needs your attention. Reliably send commands and notifications to your connected devices, via various networks.

PalOne Sensor Network Cloud Connections

The true number of supported scenarios are limitless, but here are some common examples we have encountered.

PalOne Sensor data analytics map

Field Telemetry, Power Plants, Wind Farms

  • Temperature and Moisture
  • Dam and Flood Monitoring
  • Dam Trash Rack Monitoring
  • Dust Level Monitoring

Oil & Gas and Industrial

  • Tank Level Monitoring and Control
  • Gas Level Detection and Alert
  • Waste water Monitoring
  • Boiler Temperature and Monitoring
  • Fracking Tank Monitoring

Logistics & Transportation

  • Vehicle and Load Monitoring
  • Driver Daily Log
  • Equipment GPS Tracking
  • Remote Vehicle Override and Operation

Construction Sites

  • Loss Prevention and Monitoring
  • Model Unit Showing Metrics
  • Equipment Use and Monitoring Metrics
  • Keyless Equipment Start and Control
PalOne Sensor data analytics map

PalOne Sensor data analytics map

Home & Building Automation

  • Yard Monitoring
  • Garage Door Remote Access
  • Fish Tank and Pool Chemical Control
  • Occupant Activity Monitoring
  • People Counter

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