Wireless Actuated Valve, Overfill Protection System

A small overfill of a tank or container can become a large cost and delay process, product delivery and normal operations. In addition, if not prevented it can contaminate large area quickly, creating environmental problems. Our wireless overfill detection and prevention solution uses principles of set liquid level, single or multiple levels, electrical actuated valve control to close loading lines, wireless floats with up to almost half a mile range, (800m) in the best available combination to provide high accuracy of detection and prevention of overfill and spill ups.

Our solution uses a mix of approaches, for the best cost effective overfill prevention solution for the project and to meet customer goals.

Typical Applications

  • Actuated Valve Control
  • Energy Production, Oil Field
  • Water Management System
  • Industrial Processing and Control
  • Supply lines for Industry

A simplified diagram below, provides the concepts and the hardware required.

Overflow Protection Kit

Provided below is the minimal kit for overfill valve control. It includes the following components:

  • Wireless Float Sensor/Probe Monitor - support for up to 32 floats/probes on one main controller
  • Main Controller Box  - wireless hub to receive alerts and manage flow control, and alerts via Cellular/Satellite

    • Cellular Alerts Capable
    • Satellite Alerts Capable
    • Local Alarm and Display Support
  • Relay Control Box  - part of Wireless Control system, up to 32 individual channels and or a single power valve

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