Chemical Auto Injection (CAI) System

Calculate, Dose, and Maintain Chemical Concentration with Peristaltic Metering Pump

OrgPal Telemetry Chemical Auto Injection (CAI) System is a simple to use and configure, set active chemical agent target concentration in Parts Per Million (PPM) using flow rate as primary input, in addition to the active concentration and specific gravity.

The system is ideal for mobile chemical injection trailers, or on site short- and long-term projects for the application of chemical oxidants (hydrogen peroxide, permanganate, etc.), surfactant recirculation, and biological agents.

The CAI system can be customized to meet your needs. A typical CAI system supports four chemical pumps, single flow meter input, and standard power supply plus battery and charger support. Configuration of the system can be updated in the field as needed, as well as pre-loading of desired configuration using simple USB and flash drive to load any place any time.  A typical four pump scenario example below.

Hardware and UI Flow

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